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5 Video Content trends in 2018


As part of its efficiency savings, FMCG giants Unilever plans to cut the number of ads it creates by 30%. Its rival, P&G has cut the number of creative agencies it works with over the last 3 years by 50%.

So why bother investing the time in exploring video content?

Well,  Unilever and P&G are not abandoning video. They are looking at different ways of using the medium. Moving away from promotional spending, and looking at other areas of marketing to stronger communicate brand benefits.

Keeping your brand informed of marketing trends will keep your brand ahead.

So, what are the trends to check out in 2018?

1. Influencer Marketing


According to a report from Influicity (a leading platform for influencer analytics), influencer marketing will reach an all-time high in 2018, peaking at 80% of global online traffic by 2020. Brands like Adidas, Zara, Audible and Motorola to name but a few have already seen the use of influencers boost their marketing campaigns.

The report also states that the use of ephemeral (or temporary) content will spark another trend in influencer marketing.


2. Image Recognition Software and 360 Videos


Cisco (leaders in IT and networking) estimates that VR and AR will represent 1% of all entertainment traffic on the Internet by 2021.

Brands can capitalise on this trend as it has a natural ability to gather organic reach on social media.

Apple, with its augmented Animojis’, and Lancôme using the  YouCam makeup app for its Halloween makeup, has already embraced the world of IR software.

360 videos are also attracting attention: in addition to the travel sector, we are now seeing retail, real estate and social jumping on board.


3. Digital Video in a Social World


Social media feeds are inundated with video on almost every platform. Over a billion hours of social video is being consumed every day.

It, therefore, makes sense for companies to invest in the medium.

According to Tubular (leaders in social video analytics), video will represent 80% of all Internet traffic by 2021.

A Hubspot ‘state of inbound 2017’ report states Youtube and Facebook are the 2 most popular distribution channels that marketers want to introduce into their strategy in 2018.

Pinterest is also marked as being a hot market to target women through the use of video in 2018.


4. Mobile Video Format


Research shows that vertical videos reach 58% more people than compared with horizontal videos. Mobile optimised video will eliminate other videos. Compared to horizontal, square footage occupies 78% more space in the Facebook News section and receives a higher percentage of engagement.


5. Live Streaming


Live video has grown exponentially, with the likes of Twitch, YouNow,,, and and also with  Instagram and Facebook, where one-fifth of videos shared are live streams. Live video is definitely one to watch out for.

So, in 2018, capture your audience’s attention by thinking  ‘social’, thinking  ‘engaging’, thinking ‘authentic’, thinking ‘mobile’ and….. most of all……. thinking  ‘bite-size’.

According to recent studies, you’ve only got 8 seconds to grab your audience’s attention.

Let Surge work with you to make every second count.

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